The GOALL Agency

Be Protected From Life’s Risks

The GOALL (Growth Only Automated Life & Legacy) Agency helps US businesses thrive by providing competitive benefits that attract, retain and tether top talent while protecting them from life’s risks. Our products help you save on benefit costs, while reducing business owner's taxable income.

A Benefit Program That Helps Employers, Employees & Individuals

How We Help Employers

Stand out from your competition by providing a cutting-edge benefit that improves employee recruiting and retention.

How We Help Employees

Solutions that protect you and your family from life’s risk like critical illness and untimely death.

The GOALL Difference

Cutting-edge benefit opportunity that does more than gives you a tax free retirement plan.

What Makes The GOALL Agency Different?

The program can help people with buying their first home, paying medical bills, and paying for college tuition, as well as creating a retirement fund and more.

The retirement fund in the GOALL Program is more beneficial than traditional retirement plans. While traditional plans offer tax-deferred options for growing your funds, plus an employee match, they do not protect employees’ funds if the stock market tanks. Employees do not have access to their retirement funds without having to pay a penalty if they are below the age of 59 1/2.

With these other programs, the likelihood of having your Social Security taxed is very real. There are contribution limits and compliance fees that the GOALL Program does NOT have. With a typical employer benefit plan, you will not receive the amount of benefits if you get chronically ill, terminally ill, or injured, as you would receive with the GOALL Program. Typically, benefits like these do not stay with you in retirement, but they do with the GOALL Program. Companies will be better able to hire talented people who are looking for benefits that are custom designed for them, including their retirement plan.

What the GOALL Program offers makes it more inviting to top talent. In addition, the program helps companies retain these top talents when they come through the door, and keeping employees satisfied with attractive benefits. Therefore, it is to an employer’s advantage to consider this program, so they can attract and keep good employees.

Benefits of the GOALL Agency

Helping those who outlive retirement

Coverage for those who develop an illness or injury

Helping your family in case of untimely death

What Our Clients Are Saying

The GOALL Team educated our employees on how this program works. It made it very easy for us to roll out. We couldn’t be happier.

Richard Simon

Owner, AZ Lending Experts