How Can I Reward My Most Loyal Employees?


Are you a business owner who loves to reward their most loyal and tenured employees? Reward them with the GOALL Program’s Loyalty Matching! With the GOALL Agency by your side, you can provide Loyalty Matching that directly corresponds to the employee’s length of employment and their unique talents


The Loyalty Match that we provide works like this. It’s based on the length of employment and the talent of an employee. For example, with the GOALL Program, if you have an employee who’s been in the trenches with you for 10 years, they get a bigger match than the new hire. We obviously know that with a 401k, if you’re doing a 3% match, the 10-year employee gets 3% and the new hire gets 3%.

This is something not only that employers love so they can reward the people that are in the trenches but the employees love it too. Because here’s one of the things that happens when they hit a milestone, guess what? They know they’re getting an increase in their loyalty match and they get a certificate of loyalty given to them so they get some great recognition in the workplace.