How Does The GOALL Agency Help People Purchase a Home?


With The GOALL Agency, we help you achieve your dreams with tax-free withdrawal of your hard earned money.


How does a Goal agency help people purchase a home? Well, guess what? You can take the money out of our program before 59.5, use it as your down payment and when you take it out, no penalties and it will come to your tax free. So that’s your first step. You can just pull the money out or you can use the money that’s in your account and show it to the mortgage company and they will use that as your six months worth of reserves. But here’s the important part. Also when you leave the mortgage company know that you have living benefits. So if you’re unable to work because you’re critically ill or critically injured, you’re gonna have cash flow. You can continue to make those house payments. They’re gonna like you that much more. And that is how you purchase a home with the goal agency.