Should I Consider a Living Benefits Plan?


Are you afraid of losing everything if you’re out of work because of illness or injury? Protect yourself with a Living Benefits plan and make life mean more with the GOALL Agency.


Living benefits are important. The reason why, it protects you if you become ill or injured, not only while you’re being employed, but also remember it stays with you in retirement. The other aspect, I call it asset protection.

If you get cancer and you’re unable to work, you lose your cashflow. Well, now you have your cashflow, so you don’t lose your house or anything, or your vehicle that you’re making payments on. Then the last one though, is this right here.

If you ever gonna buy a house or a car, leave the bank or the mortgage company know, because when they know you have living benefits, you have just addressed the number one reason for bankruptcies and foreclosures, so you are more bankable.