The #1 Questions Candidates Ask Employers


What is the number one question that a person asks an employer during a job interview? “What type of benefits do you offer?”
Be prepared to confidently answer this question with the GOALL Agency by your side. We can offer your business a benefits package that employees really want and help you attract the best talent when hiring.


What is the number one question that a person that is job hunting asks the employer? What type of benefits do you offer?”

When you can come back at them and say, we care about our employees, we offer the GOALL Program, you spark their curiosity. You get to come back and say, well, it’s a growth only automated life and legacy program. 

Then you hit them with this, the growth only is their retirement piece. The money grows and grows! If the market drops, you lose no money. It’s automated because it’s computerized.

Life addresses risk, illness, injury, untimely death. It’ll pay out a boatload of money for you and by the way, it stays with you in retirement.

If you want to leave somebody a legacy, you’re able to do that. Guess what just happened? You have an appointment because you just stood out from your competition.